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Antidotum is for people who help people who use drugs.

It’s a newsletter about addiction science, harm reduction, drug policy and politics with a good dose of healthy scepticism.

I am a British doctor and my clinical work is with people with addictions to drugs, including alcohol. I write about the various substances us humans like to take and how we interact with them. That means drug policy and the 'War on Drugs' as well as the clinical interventions when we do need to treat, when needed, as a health problem.

All of which I’ll tackle with a sceptical eye. I have spent a lot of years offering analysis and opinion — it felt like time to do it regularly. If you want to know more about me then visit euanlawson.com.

I will add a disclaimer. I’m always mildly irked at the Twitter ‘views are my own’ comment in bios — it always seems a sad indictment somehow about tolerance and free speech and how when we work for someone they lay claim to a little sliver of our souls. Yet, here I am and I feel compelled to offer an apologia, a defence. More than anything I want to shuck off any limiting factors as some of what I write may make for uncomfortable reading. So here it: the views here are my own and mine alone. They do not represent those of the organisations who run the clinics, or commission them, or the wonderful committed people who deliver the care. Neither am I speaking on behalf of any employers or other groups that I am associated with. That’s it. See, that wasn’t so bad was it?

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